Summerfest 2017

Summerfest 2017 is right around the corner on Friday, Aug. 4 … Saturday, Aug. 5 … Sunday, Aug. 6.  Your Summerfest Committee is spending days and nights (and sometimes late into the night) planning a great event for our parish family and all of our friends and family in WNY.

Vera Bradley BINGO
Vera Bradley bags and accessories are a fashion standard.  Women cherish the look, feel, and function of this line of bags and totes.  On Saturday, Aug. 5 you’ll have the chance to take home 1 or more bags as we are offering a session of Vera Bradley BINGO.  Using BINGO games we will be offering Vera Bradley fashion items as prizes. Doors will open at 10 am with the games starting at 11 am.  We’ll have you out by 1 pm so you can spend the rest of your day showing off your winnings. Snacks and refreshments will be available. Buy a ticket in advance and save $5 on admission. To register yourself, your family, and your friends for the advance savings use the registration form at this link … Vera Bradley Registration.  Details on the event are also available on the form.  Contact us at with any questions.


You know that this event cannot be possible without the involvement and support of our entire parish family.  We need you to volunteer your time and talents before the event in preparations, during the event, and afterward in closing activities.  Hopefully you will consider volunteering for multiple jobs.

You can sign up for volunteer time slots online.  To see what we need and to actually sign-up, we are providing an on-line process.  Once you select a slot and submit your selection you can include any comments that you want to pass along.  You will have a chance to enter your email if you want a reminder notification. We will ask for a contact phone number.  Click on the following links:

1. Theme Basket: assembly, room set-up, and BINGO pre-sales
2. Pre-Event Set-up and Preparations
3. Friday Aug 4 … Summerfest Event
4. Saturday Aug 5 … Summerfest Event
5. Sunday Aug 6 … Summerfest Event
6. Post-event Wrap-up

In addition to this on-line process we will have a volunteer meeting on Monday, July 17 at 6:30 pm in our Parish Hall. You can sign-up then.

Do you have a question that needs an answer now?  Ginny is going to coordinate our volunteers this year … if you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions about volunteering you can contact her by phone at (716) 512-3221 or by email to

Pass this information along to family, friends … even strangers on the street.  We need the help and welcome everyone’s support.

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