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Within this website, you will find out who we are and what we are about as a parish ... we exist in a community, we live as a family.

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14HH School was open from 1864 to 2014

We encourage you to come pray, learn, love, work, and play with us. Help your children earn a strong scholastic foundation built on a base of morals and faith in our Religious Education programs. Join us on our journey of faith and grace.


Parish Life

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Summerfest 2014 ... the last big BLAST of the summer!
Save these dates ... Friday, Aug. 22 -- Saturday, Aug. 23 -- Sunday, Aug. 24. Summerfest 2014 will be back this year bigger and better than ever! A HUGE Theme Raffle ... Hit n' Run Band in the Beer Tent ... Craft Show under the Big Top ... Italian Night Dinner ... Tiger's Den Food Tent ... Polka Mass with a Polish Plate Dinner following ... Cash Raffle ... Games of chance ... BBQ Chicken ... FUN! FUN! FUN! More details inside on our 14 Holy Helpers Parish page.

Church Repainting ... the work has started!
The restoration is underway! After all the planning, parish communications, and raising of funds teh restoration of 14 Holy Helpers Church has begun. Quite honestly, our dear church has been turned into a construction zone. Nevertheless, the work is expected to be completed in time for our 150th. Anniversary Mass in October. Please go to the Church Restoration and Repainting page for details and images of the design. Come back often and follow the progress along with us.

2014 Capital Campaign ... Restoration and Revitalization of our Church
The 2014 Capital Campaign is dedicated providing funds for the restoration and revitalization of 14 Holy Helpers Church. In the late 1980s, just before the 125th Anniversary, we undertook a major project which renovated the structure and utility systems in this Church. After the construction, light rose and off white tone paints were used on the walls and ceiling. The white plaster Stations of the Cross replaced canvas painted stations. Over the 26 years since then, time and the environment has faded and darkened the painted walls and ceilings. Cracks caused by drying and settling can be seen in the ceiling at the front of the Church.

This year we’re in the midst of the 150th Anniversary of the founding of 14 Holy Helpers Church. We are celebrating a 150 year legacy of faith and worship to our Lord along with 150 years of honor to our beloved 14 Holy Helpers. It is fitting that the cracks in the ceiling are repaired. We need to cover over old and faded paint with fresh coats of color and design. The Stations will come to life with color and depth. Our goal will be to revitalize the church in time for the anniversary celebration Masses in October and January.

This is our Appeal to you. We need everyone to help pay for the revitalization project. If your means allow, consider a special donation of a thousand dollars or more towards the colorization of a Station. Believe me when I say, however, that every donation … no matter the amount … is appreciated for the spirit and sacrifice shown by the donor. When you make your donation you can use the form at the bottom of the appeal letter to indicate what financial help you can offer right now and what you can pledge towards this campaign in the next few months.

Your generosity in the weekly Mass offering enables us to pay our regular bills. Words cannot fully express our gratitude for that generosity. The Capital Improvement Appeal will allow us to finance this special project to revitalize our Church. Contact the Rectory today at (716) 674-2374 or send an email to webcoord@14hh.org to arrange for your donation.

The lanterns are off ... the doors are closed

It's done! The lanterns are off ... the doors are closed. When Bishop Richard Malone from the Diocese of Buffalo announced that he was closing 14 Holy Helpers School the announcement was met with much shock and sadness in our 14 Holy Helpers community. 2014 marked the 150th. year of operation for the school. Please pray for peace and healing in the hearts and minds of our students, parents, staff, and parishioners. For additional information please stop by our web page at 14 Holy Helpers School is closed.

Religious Education Registration Open
Registrations are now being accepted for Religious Education starting in the Fall of 2014. Please go to the Religious Education page for details and registration forms.

150th. Anniversary for Parish and School

During 2013 and 2014 we have been celebrating 150 years of existence for Fourteen Holy Helpers R.C. Parish and School. Liturgies, concerts, and special events are planned throughout the year. Everyone is welcome and encouraged to join and participate at these events. For details and an event schedule please stop by our web page at 14 Holy Helpers 150th. Anniversary. Information can also be found in our weekly bulletin.


BINGO at 14 Holy Helpers on Thursday nights has been a tradition for many people in the West Seneca/Cheektowaga/Buffalo area. To enhance your enjoyment of BINGO nights at 14 Holy Helpers we've added new games and brought in televisions and new calling equipment. Additionally, we have changed the starting time to 7:00 PM to help you get home earlier. Come enjoy a BBQ hamburger and win some cash!

Recording of the Liturgy Starting the 150th. Anniversary Celebrations for our Parish and School

The liturgy at the 12 noon Mass on October 6, 2013 was the official start to the 15 month celebration of the 150th Anniversary of 14 Holy Helpers Parish and School. This Mass celebrated the 149th Anniversary of our Parish. If you were not able to attend in person you can still hear the liturgy through an audio recording on this website ... Audio Recordings. Hear the beautiful singing from our Choir and the Contemporary Ensemble. Listen to the stirring homily from Fr. David. Most importantly celebrate the Eucharist with our congregation. Download the liturgy for replay later or just click on the POD link to listen on your computer right now.


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